La mia ormai nota predilezione nei confronti di Facebook mi ha portato a vedere assolutamente questo speech tenuto da Nicole Lazzaro (XEODesign)

Nicole parte parlando delle 4 fun key

  • Hard fun (fiero)
  • People fun (Amusement)
  • Eady fun (Curiosity)
  • Serius fan (Relaxation)

L’emotional experience è importante quando progettate le vs web application:

  • New discover
  • Icon semplicity
  • Emotional feedback
  • Hacking What’s fun
  • Emotional surprise
  • Language of choice
  • Predictive PX model of emotion from best loved choice (emotion from choice vs friends)
  • How does emotion drive play?
    • Facebook social utility
    • Halo multiplayer game

1) there is no web in web 2.0

  • libraries
  • television
  • people

Web 2.0: it takes 2 (emotion between people)

2) draw circle not lines

3) secret live and videotape

Be brave! Emotion Drive Play

Massively Social Online Games (MSOG)